Judith’s Recipes for Love

It all begins with a romantic setting. Dim the lamps or light candles for a hazy, intimate glow. Soft, sexy music provides the perfect backdrop for amour. Take the phone off the hook and turn the answering machine to silent mode. Shut off all mechanical devices: the blackberry, cell phone, beeper and put the stresses of the day behind you. Focus on the two most important people: you and your lover.

Food plays a huge role in enhancing sexuality. Many are aphrodisiacs, naturally releasing the tiger within. Knowing which foods increase the mood is key in planning the romantic encounter. The suggestions here are simple and easy to prepare. Remember: your goal is to be with your lover, not in the kitchen slaving away. Combine your food with the proper setting (above) and you’re ready for a night of endless possibilities.


Caviar is known to have properties that work to heighten romance. Serve it on toast points with a dollop of egg yolk, or on an exotic cracker and you’re ready to release your carnal desires. Add to this a chilled glass of champagne and your libido will know no limits. Black or red, your caviar preference matters not. What does matter is making sure each delicious taste of roe tickles your fancy as well as your erogenous zones.

There’s something about water that is pure and natural. It doesn’t take center stage, but provides a backdrop to perfect lovemaking. Add a slight touch of fizz to this equation along with lemon or lime slices and not only will your thirst be quenched, but your body will feel refreshed and cleansed. After you and your lover are spent and basking in the afterglow of your lovemaking, a crystal glass filled with water will replenish and refresh.

Long known as the nectar of the Gods, champagne sizzles the soul, plays with your senses and tickles the taste buds. Add a succulent strawberry to a glass of champagne, and sip slowly. The bubbles will provide a sense of je ne sais quoi to the already steamy ambiance as you toast each other to another playful evening.

Ever notice how a wooden box of raspberries excites the imagination? Even better: pop one of these red jewels of love into your mouth and watch yourself morph into a God or Goddess of Amour. Raspberries can adorn a dessert or eaten au natural. Whatever your personal choice, the yin yang of a raspberry with its sweet/tart interior and velvety finish is as multifaceted as lovers themselves. Feed your mate a raspberry and watch him/her become putty in your hands. I t will ignite a passion within you that will surprise and satisfy.

The Italians know what they’re doing. They invented foods of love. A plate of creamy, sultry noodles adorned with sauce Alfredo and you’ll think you’ve died and been transported to a place where sensuality knows no boundaries. Add to this an exotic vegetable and all you need are two forks, lots of pillows and a lover who can’t wait to devour you along with the pasta.

Long known for their aphrodisiac affects, a chilled oyster sitting in the palm of a half shell and you can’t be responsible for what might happen. Swallowing a raw oyster feels naughty and oh-so-nice as it slithers down your throat. Casanova ate dozens of oysters every morning to jump-start his day. If a woman is willing to put an oyster in her mouth, anything is possible.

An asparagus stalk is nature’s answer to Viagra. No two are exactly alike as no two lovers are the same. It matters not if your preference is thick and chunky or svelte and sleek. Any way you like it, the results will be magical. Some regard it as the ultimate veggie experience. Others simply like holding a stalk in their hands and fondling it as they would their partner’s body.

Legend has it that asparagus “stirs up lust in man and woman” says Nicholas Culpepper, a renowned figure in the field of herbal medicine. Asparagus not only taste sublime, but replicates the male genitalia to help partners achieve their sexual peak.

Some like it simply for its pit, which, when its bottom is placed in water, yields a plant that can last for years. But, for lovers, the avocado is so much more. Its dark, shiny, green color makes this exotic vegetable a work of art as well as a sexual stimulant

It was said that “if a motion picture were produced on the history of the avocado, the film might have the dubious distinction of receiving an ‘R’ rating for”mature audiences.” Dig a silver spoon (is there any other kind?) into the creamy and buttery heart of an avocado and you’ll swoon. If you dare, spread some of it along your lover’s body and lick it off with your eager tongue. Guaranteed to produce immediate results.

Truffles are the Tiffany of the fungi family. They don’t come cheap, but the results can be intoxicating. Their scent is strong and pungent. Sniff one and you are reminded of a musky, woodland setting. Truffles look lusty and thus, make its recipient feel the same. It awakens in one, erotic, earthy desires that bring out the beast in the tamest of lovers. Regarded as the “Culinary Equivalent of Sex” one whiff of a truffle and your hottest fantasies will be released.


Remember: whatever foods you choose to enhance your love life, keep exploring new culinary horizons until you find the aphrodisiac that works best for you and your lover. Sometimes, it can be as simple as peeling a banana to get you started. Whatever turns you on, is the food that’s right for you.

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