November Elle has featured Bachelor Degree as a Reader's Prize Book 2009!

Dear Friend,

Welcome! And Hello There! I am thrilled to have you as a visitor to my website.

If we have done our job well, you should come away from your visit here having learned a little bit more about me, as well as getting a deeper insight into my books and columns.

I am particularly proud of my second novel Bachelor Degree – a funny, sexy and ultimately satisfying read.  Please take a moment to read and enjoy the book excerpt on the site. It is my goal to entice you and make you laugh and make you see maybe a tiny bit or yourself or someone you know in the writing. I took special care crafting these characters…hopefully you'll spot someone you know!   If you chose to buy the book (and I hope you do), please share your thoughts and comments with me. I know there is nothing more important than the feedback I get from my readers.

It is my wish to meet and talk with each one of my web visitors in person – if you enjoy my writing please ask your local bookseller, library, group or association leader to contact me to come and visit your area. I am always open to new invitations --  making new friends and meeting new readers.